Show & tell is something I remember fondly from my childhood. I would always look forward to it every week and I loved when it was my turn to bring something. I remember bringing in different stuffed animals and toys. However, one Illinois girl had something a little different to bring in for show & tell.

What did 4 year old Charlotte Martin from Cambridge, IL bring? Her bus driver.

It's just as heartwarming as it sounds. So grab a box of tissues and watch the adorableness unfold.

WQAD details -

Thanks to Charlotte and Dave's friendship, Charlotte shows the school bus isn’t just a way of getting to school it’s a place to make friends – big or small. Dave says he’s been driving the bus for so long he remembers a lot of the parents when they were young in his bus, but this is the first time he has ever been brought in for ‘Show and Tell’.

If this story doesn't make your day then I really don't know what will!

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