Things you can flex with in 2021 - your vaccination card.

I knew that a COVID-19 vaccination card would become incredibly important to hold on to. I figure it will be like your driver's license or passport. But I didn't realize it would become a sort of bragging rights.

It wasn't until I saw this video when I said, "Weird flex but okay!"

University of Illinois gymnast Evan Manivong had a really awesome run on the vault at a recent competition and he celebrated in the most 2021 way EVER. He flashed his COVID-19 vaccination card.

I think my favorite part is how READY he was to whip that card out. He almost forgot some gymnastics etiquette. After gymnasts stick their landing they usually do a mini bow/nod to the judges. Evan was so excited he immediately went to flash his card. Then you see him be like, wait, let me finish this run. Then ... BAM. Card flash.

It's pretty hilarious. I also love how excited his teammates get when he has an awesome landing. The entire celebration was fun to watch. And being a University of Illinois alumni, I love to see my fellow Illini succeed!

Some people online are being negative towards the whole thing. Here's my opinion - when you do something great, you celebrate how you want right? I say as long as a human is accomplishing great things, and their celebrating doesn't hurt anyone, let them live!


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