Check out this hilarious video of crazy things done by crazy clowns in Rockford.

I don't know what it is about clowns but they fascinate me. This group of clowns from Rockford is a great combination of funny and creepy, which leads to good old fashion entertainment.

Check out this video of their latest antics...

Video: Rockford Musicians/Clowns Release Funny Social Distancing Video courtesy of Psychobilly Death Clowns.

I appreciate the way they help to explain social distancing, which is very important in this COVID-19 world. I think we all really deserve a good laugh these days.

Don't worry, these clowns didn't escape from some wacky circus. They are actually members of the Rockford metal band, Psychobilly Death Clowns. They dress up as part of their stage performance.

Since, they can't play any live concerts right now, they've been using their spare time to create these humorous videos to entertain their fans and themselves.

You can check out more videos and info about the band on their Facebook page, HERE.

Check them out, they're good guys and put on an exciting show. I want to thank them for sharing with me.

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