Get an inside look with a video of this former Hilander grocery store in Rockford.

Do you ever drive around Rockford and notice the vacant builders? Unfortunately, we have many here in our city. I do all the time. Here are a couple of questions that I will ask myself.

What did that building use to be, if I do not know?

I wonder what could go in that space?

How does it look inside that facility now?

Here is the perfect example. A former Hilander grocery store location in Rockford. It is the one that was on Alpine Road just south of the five points corner (Broadway, Newburg, Charles). I used to shop there all the time. It was small, easy to navigate through, and convenient. It was two minutes from my house. I was very disappointed when it shut down.

I have been hoping for years that another business would take it over. I am not surprised that it never happened. A couple of friends and I always thought it would be cool if someone opened a live music venue at that location. It is a good size building with lots of parking. Of course, that is just a dream. I did notice that a church was trying to move into that old store but nothing really became of it.

Recently, I was on YouTube and I found a video of that former Hilander grocery store. Someone got some footage of the inside. Take a look for yourself.

Video: Vacant Alpine Rd Hilander grocery store. Rockford IL

Looks like it has seen better days. Hopefully, someday it will become something else.

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