Tis the time for spring cleaning, and when you're cleaning you come across things and wonder... do I still need these?

I myself, have never been married, so I don't have this exact problem, but we all have a version of it.

How long do you need to keep sentimental things that you don't really 'need.'

Cards are a PERFECT example. I mean do you truly need to keep every card you've ever received?

There are some cards that you will come across and be very happy you still have, a grandparent wrote you a card and they're no longer around, or a card your now adult child wrote for you.

Sure keep those, but the ones that just say, 'Happy Birthday,' or 'Congrats,' you can ditch them, now.

It's the coronavirus clean-out.

I just named it that, but I really did see all around Facebook people who are cleaning everything and wondered if they can toss their wedding cards.

The consensus: whenever you feel like it.

What do you think? How long do you need to keep wedding cards?

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