My ears may never be the same. Same goes for my eyes. Now, you can feel my misery and experience a hilarious rap song that an Illinois town made in their attempt to get a prison.

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Thank you, BoingBoing, for this throwback to 1989 when Flora, Illinois decided to come up with a campaign to convince the state to give them a prison. It didn't work, but they really should have gotten prison.

NOTE: Make sure your sound is turned up so you can feel the beat to this rap classic called "Is We Is". It's seriously called "Is We Is". Really. Wikipedia says they called themselves the "Barbed Wire Choir". Oh, my...

According to Wikipedia, Flora, Illinois now only has a population of just over 4,800. Thanks to the Barbed Wire Choir, they likely lost a few thousand after this 1989 classic. If you think about it, Illinois has been the home to several "classics" like this over the years. This "song" reminds me of a certain Super Bowl team from 1985 who also called Illinois home.

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