Australian Zoo now offers live streaming of Koalas.

Do you find yourself asking questions like... What day is it? What's the time? What to do I now?

The day goes by so slow when you don't have a lot to do. Here's something you can do with the whole family.

How about traveling to the land down under without leaving the couch?

According to,

"Make the most of your time stuck indoors by watching adorable koalas snuggle on live stream. Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary near Brisbane, Queensland, currently has 15 live streams running, eight of which are solely focused on its resident koalas. It includes koala forest, joey enclosure, and the koala cuddle train, so called because the branches in this enclosure are a favorite spot for the koalas to form “cuddle trains” which are literally as cute as they sound. Koalas are famously sleepy critters (they’re asleep 18 to 20 hours a day) but if you’re lucky you might see them eating, socializing or interacting with keepers. There are other Australian animals you can stream too, including dingoes, skinks, bearded dragons, birds, platypodes and a perentie (the fourth largest monitor lizard in the world)." 

To watch, HERE.

It's worth taking the time to check out.


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