Last summer I got to experience my very first Cubs game and I have to be honest, I had a horrible time. It was nine innings of me sitting in the stands, by myself; in a Cubs t-shirt that I bought for close to $30 from Farm and Fleet the day before.

I laugh about it now but looking back, I have a feeling that maybe I felt so alone because I had been "figured out." It was as if I reeked of desperation to fit in with life long fans and they could smell me a mile away. That, or I really did smell because it was early August and it was incredibly hot that day.

Chances are, it was the former; but it appears that I'm not the only obvious bandwagon Cubs fan; even the Cincinnati Reds can pick us out of a crowd. If I was at this game, this would've been me on the jumbtron.

Take a look at this video that 12Up shared of the Reds trolling Cubs fans with the "bandwagon cam."

Hey look, there's me, "Bought this shirt earlier today." LOLOLOLOL.

Share this with a bandwagon fan that you know..and love...and will willingly let jump on.

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