A life dream of mine is getting to meet a penguin in person.

I spent all of lockdown looking SO forward to videos from Chicago's Shedd Aquarium where they'd take their penguins on field trips around the aquarium and around the city of Chicago. The videos were ADORABLE. They really fueled my love for penguins. Here's my favorite video that they posted -


Did you know you have a chance to play with penguins at the Milwaukee Zoo in Wisconsin? Not just play with them, you get to have a pool party.

I mean who wouldn't want to party with these little guys?

The Milwaukee Zoo's website details -

One of our penguin experts will lead you behind the scenes at the Taylor Family Humboldt Penguin habitat to see what it takes to keep the penguins happy and healthy. Then you will learn all about penguin behavior, adaptations, and conservation. Finally, you will get to feed Houdini, Wallace, and the rest of the colony as they “fly” through the water for their special treats!

You get to hang with the penguins for 30 minutes and you have to have a group of people from your household due to new COVID-19 restrictions.

You're going to be having some serious fun with these penguins. The website says -

  • Due to safety regulations, guest will not receive direct contact with the penguins, but will have the opportunity to throw fish to them.
  • Be prepared to touch and handle fish for the birds (gloves provided), with potential to get splashed.

If you want to book a time to have a penguin pool party you can do that here.


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