It's the end of an era.  Yesterday (March 14th) Toys R Us announced that it's official, they will be closing all of its 800 stores; crushing the hearts and souls of adults and kids across the US.

This is especially upsetting for kids of the 80s and 90s.

Back in the day, when you hit a home run during t-ball, got all As on your report card or you were just an overall really good tiny human, Toys R Us was where your mom and dad took you for your reward; their jingle was the first real "song" that you knew by heart, and Geoffery the Giraffe...yeah, he was your very first favorite celebrity.

Even today, I think adults, not just kids, get a little excited when he makes an appearance.

Take a look.

As Daddy Brickhead said, let's all "pour one out for our homies" at Toys R Us.

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