Yesterday, March 14th, was National School Walkout Day; did your child participate?

Schools from all over the state line participated in their own unique way and for the most part, it was a pretty peaceful day.

Eyewitness News gave us a recap.

What didn't make the news was how some of the smallest members of our listener family participated.

Second graders from Simon Elementary in Winnebago sat down with their teacher, Kayla Hedlund, and created a list of 17 ways we can make a change; starting in second grade.

I asked Kayla what prompted her to encourage her class to take part in the movement this way and she says,

I saw what the high school was doing by inviting state reps to become informed, about how they can make a change And I felt this was a much more productive way to make their voices heard rather than walking out of class. I had a proud moment and wanted to bring it to the elementary level because that’s where it starts. We had a conversation about how what we say and how we act affects others and the choices they make and talked about the significance of the number 17. So my second graders came up with 17 ways they can make our classroom , school, and world a better, safer place.

No matter how old you are, I think we can all learn something from Kayla's second grade class; you're never too young...or too old to start making a difference.

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