'Everyone is frustrated for one reason or another,' one of the many reasons you should check out Jodi's post. 

Sometimes you just need a reminder that everything is changing for everyone and it'll be ok but it's ok if it's not right now.

Twice over the weekend, I thought, wow, the world is a different place now and probably will be forever. I've been in my bubble of my apartment and while I'm obviously not doing regular life, I have been working and lucky enough that the basics of both of my jobs haven't really changed, I've just been working from home.

But then I see things like this and really remember what's happening right now.

Jodi owns Sugar Britches in Rockton and I just wanted to share her post today because it made me stop and thinking, and we could all use that right now.

Jodi May VIA Facebook
Jodi May VIA Facebook

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