Can a website "know" you in just 30 seconds?

By asking you a few questions about your life and how you feel about roller coasters, this website thinks it can guess who you are.

It wasn't right for me, unless I'm secretly married with three kids that I don't know about. Also the site said that I am 36 and I like burgers, neither of which are true, but it was a little closer when I saw the results one of my cousins posted to Facebook.

This is the perfect at-work time-waster. In fact, I might play with it again to see if it can be more accurate.

Alright, I took it again. This time the website thinks I'm a 37 year old single man with two kids who likes dogs and hot dogs.

I'm still gonna play with it though. You know why? Because it's Wednesday and the weekend won't get here quicker unless we waste some time playing games online.

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