Get. In. My. Stomach. Now. Wait until you see these biscuits from Wendy's, look amazing. Here's how to get yourself one for free.

We all have comfort foods that when eaten bring huge amounts of joy. For me, it's pretty much everything in the breakfast offering from Wendy's. The Honey Butter Chicken Biscuit. I could die right now... after eating one.

That hot flaky biscuit, the savory and sweet pleasures of warm honey and butter, and a crispy fried chicken filet. While this sounds like a great nighttime feast, it's not. This is breakfast people and it's also the only time you can get this free deal from Wendy's. And, only through November 2020.

According to, you can only cash in on this deal if you order via the app or the Wendy’s website. You’ll be required to make at least one purchase with your order. Wendy's app is available in the Apple store or the Google Play store.

Add a Honey Butter Chicken Biscuit and one other menu item to your order. The coupon that makes your biscuit free is added to your purchase. Don't forget, this free deal is only good through November 2020.

Find more details, offers and coupons on Wendy's website.

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