We're all pretty sweaty in the Stateline and that means a lot of things... one of those things is delicious ice cream.

But what's the best ice cream in the area?

We asked you on Facebook and YOU HAVE STRONG OPINIONS ON THIS ONE.

Which is great because gosh darn it, ice cream is important.

So why do we say we can predict your fave place to grab a scoop? Well you have to give us your zipcode first.

From Zammuto's, to DairyHaus, those of us in the 815 are true to where we grew up.

Are you from Belvidere? You probably love Dari Ripple or Sips and Sprinkles.

Did you grow up in Loves Park? Well of course you're waiting in line at Dairy Depot.

Rockton families spent almost every day at DairyHaus, and what about those of you who went to college in DeKalbe... Ollie's, duh!

Maybe you want to try something new?

We found out Abreo makes a new custard based ice cream flavor every singe day, and we need to try it.

Plus, honorable mentions go out to 3rd Street Station, Union Dairy and Dippy's!

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