A lot of things have changed in 2020, we wear masks to go to Target, we don't hug strangers, we eat outside a lot, but a lot of things haven't changed, too and one of those is the loss of a pet.

Real life question over here, what do you do for a friend who lost their pet?

One of my very best friends sent me a text message yesterday morning saying that she and her family had to say goodbye to their dog after 12 years.

My family has had to say goodbye to two dogs in my lifetime, and while it was sad for me, at both times I was out of the house and it had been years since I was spending every day with those puppies.

For this friend, she got the puppy when she was in college and since then has moved from her parents house into her own apartment, then she met her husband, they had three kids and have moved to two houses all with her best puppy by her side.

I know our 97ZOK fans are big pet lovers and wondered, what should I send to them or do for them to make them feel a little better about their loss?

Thanks in advance for the help!

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