If you've asked me what I've missed most about "normal life" in the past year, you probably heard me say the movies.

Before the pandemic hit, I was going to the movies almost every other weekend. When me and my boyfriend Collin moved into our own apartment a couple years ago we were so excited when we found out we had a movie theater just a few minutes away from home.

Going to the movies has always been one of my favorite things to do. When I go to the movies, I GO to the movies. I dress in full comfy mode and I always make sure to have layers because theaters are always cold. Then when it comes to my snack game, I don't mess around.

Here's what you need and how to have the best snack experience.

  1. Large popcorn with all of the butter
  2. Chocolate flavored candy
  3. Large Icee MIXED (red & blue)

The theater I went to had a mask policy that was pretty much if you've been vaccinated, you have the option to not wear your mask. As someone who's been pretty nervous about the pandemic, I wore my mask up until I was in my seat. Everything in the theater was very clean, organized, sanitized, and updated to make sure going to the movies in 2021 seemed as normal as possible.

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When you select your seats the seats on the outside of your group are automatically marked off to keep social distancing guidelines.

I saw "A Quiet Place 2" and one thing I noticed that was really interesting was what came on right before the movie started. John Krasinski the director and one of the main characters of the movie had a video that played thanking everyone for actually coming to the theater to enjoy a movie in person.

The theater wasn't crowded at all. Which felt safe, but at the same time I was wishing more people would return to the theaters so an industry I love so much doesn't die. As someone who really didn't do much of anything in the past year, the movies was a place I was truly dying to get back to. And I have to say from that first bite of popcorn and first sip of Icee, the wait was worth it.

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