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So we've been asking you on Facebook what you'd buy with $10,000? But let's be honest, if you're winning that much money, you really think your kids are going to let you keep it all for yourself? I'm not a parent, but I know kids way better than that.

So we asked on Facebook, if you won $10,000, what would you kid buy if they were in charge of spending it?

The comment section is literally pure gold. The responses are so hilarious so I wanted to make a list of some of my favorites. But like I said, every comment had me laughing.

My daughter who is 6 said she would give 2 dollars to a homeless person and buy them socks shoes and a coat b/c its getting cold out. Then said she would buy LOL dolls and save the rest to buy a hamster (she's had 2 that have died). Not so sure she realizes how much 10k is yet.
10,000 $1 items im sure.
My daughter is 5 and said she would buy all the sour rainbow candy lol.
French fries, Dr. Pepper, a fishing boat and a cabin rental. Apparently I am only driving them to and fro.
There we're a lot of kids wanting dolls and video game money, but one comment just goes to show, your kid can grow up, but they'll always ask you for ridiculous stuff -
My daughter is 22 but I’d probably still end up with a couple of damn  alpacas.
So what are you waiting for? Don't you want to actually buy this stuff for your kid and of course treat yourself? All the $10,000 cash code details you need are here. 
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