We got a taste of unseasonably warm weather early November, but soon enough we'll be shivering on our way to the car and wondering how it's scientifically possible our snot can freeze. And you know what that means.


I don't know about you, but when it gets cold out, this is my mood -

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Guilty 🍂🙈

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And for a lot of people, winter means chili season. It was recently revealed the best chili in every state. So what's the best in Illinois? Well, turns out it's from an incredibly popular Midwest chain.

Portillo's! According to MSN, Portillo's has the best chili in Illinois, specifically the chili dog.

If you're looking for some chili that's not from a chain, then you might want to hit up Wisconsin's best chili spot. In Wisconsin it's at the Drift Inn in De Pere.

Either way, it's Chili season, so treat yourself.

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