According to HomeSnacks living in Illinois can be done on the cheap. It just depends on where. Actually Illinois as a whole is quite cheap as compared to the rest of the country. You just need to eliminate Chicago...That's kinda it's own thing anyway.

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There are plenty of Dollar Tree and Casey's towns throughout Illinois where you can live out your Walmart fantasies and live as a "White Trash Millionaire." Hey man, it's each their own.

Sometimes a bar burger and a cheap beer is WAY better than a $100 steak and $15 drinks...It all in the eye of the beholder. So let's look into these Illinois cities where you can live "on the cheap."


The master list of the Top 10 Cheapest Illinois Cities to Live in is pretty darn good. I've "been through" quite a few and have at least heard most of them. So here we go people, let's get to livin' in Illinois on a budget:

  1. Litchfield
  2. Clinton
  3. Pana
  4. Creve Coeur
  5. Hillsboro
  6. Monmouth
  7. Hoopeston
  8. Paris
  9. Mendota
  10. Beardstown

Quite the small town living, huh? Litchfield is a good sized town, just under 7000 people. So it's not life its a town of 250 where if you blink you miss it. Looking up Litchfield, IL coming up this month they have Lego Day at the local library, the Moose Lodge has Bingo night and there's "An Evening With Gypsy Rose" whatever that is, seems fun!

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