Eagle Tower at Peninsula State Park in Door County, Wisconsin is expected to have over two million visitors this summer.

Eagle Tower Is A Popular Tourist Spot In Wisconsin

I know a lot of people from Illinois, especially from Rockford, who spend time up in Wisconsin. They go up there for longs weekends, vacations, or day trips.

There are some very popular places during the summer if you cross the "Cheddar Curtain." Here is one you might have to visit sometime in the near future. Apparently, it is a hot spot for tourism in Wisconsin.

After you see all the information I found out about Eagle Tower, you will definitely understand why it gets so many visitors.

According to kenoshanews.com,

"There is nothing in the country that compares to Eagle Tower. And it’s turning out to be a big draw for the estimated 2 million people that are expected to visit the park near Fish Creek this year. The tower itself is taking up storage space on the digital cameras and cellphones of those who venture to Door County’s Peninsula State Park."

When I read that, I had to find out more about this Eagle Tower.

More Details About Eagle Tower

Check out the view from Eagle Tower. That is pretty impressive.

According to peninsulafriends.org

  • This is the third version of Eagle Tower.
  • 60-foot tower.
  • Made from timber.
  • 850-foot ramp.
  • 95 stairs.
  • 230-feet above Green Bay.
  • In Wisconsin, the first wheelchair-accessible observation tower where you can go all the way to the top.

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Video: The New Eagle Tower

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