Ever since the economic problems of 2008, people have been using the phrase "We're all in this together." That has never been more true than in 2020.

Like no other time in modern history (well, since World War II, at least) have we seen people coming together to help each other out. And, it is happening on many different scales. From people delivery groceries to strangers, to church congregations getting together to clean up and beautify neighborhoods, to corporations promoting each other.

The latest example of this involves Burger King in the UK.

As we see renewed coronavirus lockdowns, especially in Europe, many restaurant owners, and their employees, are concerned for their financial well-being. Yes, throughout the pandemic "quarantines" people have continued to get take-out and have food delivered, but they often do not order as much as when there are no lockdowns. This is especially true for restaurants that are traditionally "sit down" restaurants.

According to Fox News, Burger King in the UK is doing what they can to help out their fellow restaurants. They've sent out a tweet asking people to eat at their competition.

Check it out:

It's unfortunate that we're all dealing with the pandemic, but it is great to see how it has brought people together.

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