So my friend took this picture at the Rockford airport. What is it? Well in my opinion it's one of the best inventions EVER.

Why Isn't This Available For Parents In Every Public Restroom?
Michelle Gordon

It's a seat inside a bathroom stall that you can strap your child into while you go. I think back to when Maycee was an infant and I could just not go number 2 if we were out and about which could sometimes be very uncomfortable. I think they should have one of these in every public bathroom, men's and women's.

I asked my girlfriend what her thoughts were on this contraption since she is a mom of 2. This was her response... keep in mind she is a nurse (AKA a germaphobe).

" Eww. There is no way I would have strapped my kids in one of those. That's what strollers and handicapped stalls are for. I wouldn't even use a public changing table when my kids were little. Do you know how many germs are on those things?"

So there you have it, two entirely different opinions. What do you think?

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