So much of this story brings me to tears. Some are happy tears as this story also reminds us there are so many wonderful people in this world.

A police officers mission to serve and protect has many layers and this 'layer' is one that needs to be shared. Officer Robinson, from the Green Bay Police Department, demonstrates another way to be a hero.

Yesterday Officer Robinson responded to a local elementary school for a child that was not picked up at the end of the school day. The parent is incarcerated and there were no other known family contacts. It was also the child's birthday.
Thanks to the owners of our local McDonald's, we were given free cheeseburger coupons to hand out in certain situations. Officer Robinson took the child for a meal at McDonald's and a ride around in the police car for his birthday. Family was eventually located and the child was dropped off.

All too often we are quick to highlight the bad things that go on in our communities. When moments like this happen, we need to share it with the same energy as all the bad things we spend time sharing on social media. There will always be good in this world and it far outweighs the bad, here's a chance to prove that.

Thank you Officer Darryl Robinson, not only for your service, but for your heart.

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