A Facebook post is making everyone say "aww" and we now wish we could all play basketball with these two guys.

Brandie Zell was at the Nash Recreation Center in Oregon on Friday, August 4 when she saw a small but notable thing happening.

Zell was so impressed by what she witnessed, she took to Facebook to write, "You stopped your game of one on one to pay attention to the little boys attempting to dribble, shoot, and pass."

She goes on to say that the teens didn't only help with basketball but that "there are good people" and "someday someone could look up to them," and "no matter how big or small everyone matters."

The basketball players were later identified as Trey Woolsey and Matt Wazilewski.

Woolsey is currently a student at Oregon High School and Wazilewski, a recent Oregon grad too, is enrolled at Sauk Valley Community College in Dixon.

Wazilewski replied to Zell's post saying he and Woolsey like to "teach the game of basketball that we love" and offered to help out in the future.

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