Dunkin' is becoming a bit more than donuts and coffee — add plants to the list. About 9,000 Dunkin' stores will be adding a Beyond Meat sandwich to their menu.

In November, Dunkin' stores will begin adding the Beyond Breakfast Sausage sandwich in several thousand stores. The plant-based breakfast sandwich was launched at Manhattan, NY stores in July. Almost overnight, the sandwich became a top-seller.

It’s Beyond Meat’s first nationwide fast-food rollout, according to finance.yahoo.com.

“We're excited to introduce the Beyond Sausage Sandwich nationwide and in doing so, offer an option with fewer calories, less total fat, saturated fat, cholesterol and sodium, while delivering more protein and iron than a comparable pork sausage sandwich,” said Ethan Brown, Beyond Meat founder and CEO.

With it debuting in over 9,000 stores, it is likely the sandwich will arrive in Rockford, starting November 6. If that does happen, you can expect free samples on November 8 and 9, according to dunkindonuts.com.

Several restaurants are trying out vegetable alternative sandwiches. Have you tried any that you like?

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