"That'll show 'em" had to be going through this guy's mind as he was cutting up an envelope.

The envelope in question came accompanied by a parking ticket the man received in Milwaukee recently.

While the reason for the ticket wasn't disclosed, Reddit user momosug did manage to share his handy work for the entire world to see.

Wisconsin Guy Pays Parking Ticket In Most Passive-Aggressive Way Possible
momosug via Reddit

However, the envelope cutting dude could be in for more than just a parking ticket if he goes through with his plan and actually mails payment using that envelope.

Dman98 on Reddit said "You can actually get cited for contempt of court by using that envelope. Ask me how I know."

Wisconsin State Legislature defines one instance of contempt of court as "disobedience, resistance or obstruction of the authority, process or order of a court."

Mailing back a parking ticket in an envelope shaped like a middle finger sounds pretty "disobedient."

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