I don't think there's a drive anywhere in the Midwest that is as photogenic as this gorgeous stretch of road. The trees, trailheads, and lake views are calling.

We're about to get into the most colorful season of the year, Fall. If you're getting the itch to just get in the car and drive to see some beautiful things, this 115-mile road has plenty. There is so much natural splendor on this road that you better make some room on your phone for all the photos you'll take.

The website Love Exploring just released their list of the most scenic drives in every state and since I'm from Wisconsin, I had to scroll all the way to the bottom of the list to see if they know what I know. They most definitely do.

Wisconsin's Most Scenic Road - Kettle Moraine Scenic Drive

Southeastern Wisconsin looks so unbelievably gorgeous from every mile of the 115 that this road covers. The road takes you through Kettle Moraine State Forest, but not straight through, your route will take you past the kind of natural beauty that may leave you breathless.

The objective of a drive of this kind was to provide the most effective and scenic highway route that people could use to spend a day or possibly two, seeing the best in the way of natural features in the Kettle Moraine region. (WI. DNR)


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I read a statistic recently that said, for the majority of us, the thing we most wanted to see on our summer vacation was a sunrise or a sunset. This Kettle Moraine sunset does not disappoint.

The best place to begin planning your road trip is the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources website.

If there's a chance you're not inspired just yet to gas up and go, let more of these Kettle Moraine Scenic Drive fans on Instagram move your soul to get on the road for a stretch of this 115-mile drive.

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