Spring is hopeful, Summer is all kinds of delicious, but my heart belongs to fall. Fireplaces, hoodies, sweaters and the most beautiful Midwestern road trips.

Great big flavored coffees, my significant other beside me in the car and some free time to just drive. The trees of fall are never second place. Places to stop to take a picture for that perfect frame you found and still haven't filled. A winery, a cafe, a greasy diner or a stream offering solace. These are the Saturdays and Sundays of October I just love.

The Wisconsin Department ofTransportation has basically put your Fall road plans together in one simple guide. The new travel guide is 120 rustic roads perfect for a Fall foliage trip in your car, on your bike or on foot. These very lightly-traveled roads are honestly great for any time of year. The rustic roads program started 40 years ago to preserve scenic, lightly traveled county roads. Usually, rustic roads range from less than 2 miles to 37 miles with a maximum speed limit of 45 mph, according to channel3000.com.

Wisconsin Releases Best Fall Foliage Scenic Roads Travel Guide

While you can get a free copy of Wisconsin Rustic Roads at TravelWisconsin.com or by contacting the Department of Tourism at 1-800-432-8747, you can download a printable copy by clicking HERE.

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