What happens in Wisconsin, stays in Wisconsin - like this turkey chasing down a kid walking home from school.  You gotta see it to believe it!

I find the weirdest videos just scrolling through Facebook.  That's probably a sign I spend way too much time on social media (lol).

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I've only seen wild turkeys from the comfort of my car... with the windows up and vehicle in drive.  There are a ton that live in the woods near my parents house - they're huge and terrifying, in my opinion.


I can't imagine getting chased down by a wild turkey, but this Wisconsin kid could tell you otherwise.  He was literally walking home from school when a turkey started running after him.

Obviously, we don't know what escalated the situation, but I highly doubt the kid was asking to play tag with the wild animal.

Watch what happens:

As you can see, a car driving down the street blocks the turkey in so it'll stop chasing the kid.  What was going through their mind when they made the decision to save the kid? "Hey honey, I just saved a kid from a wild turkey chase."

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Also, I can confirm that turkeys can fly.  Obviously they have wings...  I have just never seen turkeys fly until a few years ago.  They're usually walking around in the street blocking traffic most of the time.  Am I wrong haha?


Stay safe out there, you never know when you'll be hunted by a turkey in broad daylight.

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