You know this was a big deal for the small town of Elkorn, Wisconsin..."Inside Edition" showed up.

A tall, hairy, standing straight up "Werewolf" type creature was walking the cornfields and feasting on roadkill. What could it possibly be?

In 1993, a small town in Wisconsin spoke to Inside Edition about the creature known as “The Beast of Bray Road.” Locals claim they saw a beast resembling a werewolf terrorizing the area for two years, with some saying it attacked their cars, animals and property - Inside Edition 

Now the non-believers say this was a hoax because someone wanted to draw tourists to sell t-shirts and coffee mugs in this boring little town.

Really big claws, holding roadkill like it had arms with elbows, and it would kneel down like a human would. Dude, wth!

Small town folklore, or a real beast that attacks cars? "The Creature of Bray Road" leaped at a motorist and left scratch marks on her car!

It's a little hard to take these 90's kids, with 90's haircuts, serious...But apparently this creature has pointy ears, a broad chest, super furry with an "Appetite For Desctruction!"

O.K., just watch this and tell me what you think:

Check out this whack job:

I personally believe there's something really happening there. I mean, it's been around for a hundred years now(I think). Only God knows what it may be, only he knows how long it's been there. So far, it hasn't attacked anyone, and only mutilates animals. Wish I can read the book "The Beast of Bray Road", the title of the book is where the name came from and stook around as the name for the creature itself. - TheKaijuGamer_2003

We'll never know!

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