When I was much younger, like in my early 20's, my girlfriends and I would always joke around about how we couldn't wait for my son to turn 16 so he could be our sober driver.

Looking back on that now, it sounds pretty stupid and it still is; I'm not sure I'd ever want my son to be my sober cab, ever. That's what Uber is for.

Uber's in Milwaukee, right? I'm asking because there's a Wisconsin mom who had the same idea I did, except there's one huge problem- her son can't legally drive.

According to the WCMH-TV, 37-year-old Carrie L. Bernard was arrested after getting pulled over for her third drunk driving offense, with her 8-year-old driving the car.

In case you couldn't hear what she said at the end, she said, "I think I might have a drink after this.”

Thankfully, her son was turned over to Child Protective Services, and charges are pending against Bernard.

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