This has got to be one of the strangest stories I've laid eyes on in 2019.

Police decided there was no sign of foul play but Lee was picked up for not notifying the appropriate folks of her mom's death.

Somehow, Lee flew the coop and ended up in Dixon.

So Lee is going back to North Carolina, to face the music but here's the craziest thing about the story.

Back up to when Lee was getting rid of the chest freezer. She actually sold the thing at a yard sale. For 30 bucks. With her dead mom inside. And told the people who bought the freezer to not open it because it was a "time capsule."

Nobody has ever bought a freezer with no intention of actually using the appliance.

Naturally, the person who bought it must've had the shock of their life, because the cops were notified right away.

Man, the truth is really stranger than fiction.

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