The only way to get through 2020 is to embrace it for all that it is. And that's exactly what one Michigan farmer did with his corn maze.

Johnson's Giant Pumpkins in Saginaw has a reopening date of September 12th. They wanted to be prepared for the one thing that's going to be on everyone's mind by fully embracing it.

One of the best parts of fall is getting to go through a corn maze. But I've learned that corn mazes are sometimes way more fun to just look at from above because farmers get creative when making routes. And that's just what Johnson's did -

Owner Gerald Johnson said the message should also serve as a reminder to be safe as the virus continues to spread.

NBC Chicago details -

The maze is set to open on Sept. 12.

The farm noted there will be some changes in store for visitors, noting that it was forced to make tough decisions due to the coronavirus pandemic.

All weekend events, including the farm's car show, agriculture day, craft show and more, were all canceled for the fall.

Per usual nowadays, masks and social distancing will be required inside the farm's barn, among several other changes.

The corn maze is 13 acres and I'm sure it wont be the only "COVID-19" themed corn maze this year. Like I said, if this is our reality, might as well make the most of it and embrace it when we can.

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