If you want to cuddle with a lumberjack.

Here's the thing, men smell. Sometimes men smell bad, sometimes men smell wonderful, but they all pretty much have a distinctive smell... and now, you have that smell all around your apartment, and not have to deal with empty beer cans.

Yankee candle has created the "boyfriend candle." They're actually calling it the Mountain Lodge candle, but they're marketing it as the boyfriend candle.

So I definitely want to smell this "boyfriend candle," but, I have a slight issue with this because I do not want a lumberjack boyfriend in my life. I assume he smells like musk, whiskey and trees.

Sweet Lenny, Mandy James and I were talking about this earlier and we decided I need a "bro-friend candle." He's not really a boyfriend, but you know, he might come over every once in a while. The candle will smell like he's 25, and it's a mix of beer, smoke and Dove soap. Yankee candle, will you make that for me?