Scented candles aren't some kind of new craze but one company is making a candle that smells like an old (and recently closed) dime store on the east coast.

While the story behind the Hills Department Store candle isn't all that intriguing to us here in the Rockford area, the thought of "What if they made a Rockford candle?" ran through my brain.

That's when I started thinking about the most distinct Rockford smells or things that would be the most Rockford smelling things I could think of, so here's my list.

1. The Rock River

When it's about to rain in Rockford, there is a real distinct smell that I can't really describe that comes from the Rock River when you're on the west side of town.

2. Uncle Nick's gyros

When I used to stay out late, a trip to Uncle Nick's at the end of the night always signified that the evening was ending correctly. If you can bottle up an Uncle Nick's gyro and put in a candle that would be OK too.

3. Rockford Peaches

Rockford isn't the home of any actual homegrown peaches, however we are the home of the Rockford Peaches. One of a handful of female baseball teams that played in place of the men who were serving during WWII. There was also a movie, which I am sure you are aware of, but now there needs to be a Rockford Peaches candle, of course peach scented.

4. Melted steel

Rockford has a handful of nicknames, one of which is "Screw City." Rockford produces mass amounts of screws and fasteners. To make screws, you need to melt steel. If you've ever been around melted steel, you know it's real strong. If you miss it, someone should put that in a candle.

5. The Church Street parking garage

I don't really want to put this into a candle, but if you're taking the stairs instead of the elevator, you know exactly what I'm talking about. Bonus points for the candle maker turning that smell into the "summer version" of the parking garage stairwell.

6. Potato chips

Rockford sells two major brands of potato chips, Mrs. Fishers and Ole Salty's. Making a candle out of one (maybe both) of these popular chip brands would be quite alright to smell on a daily basis.

7. Sock Monkey

Certainly not saying that the Rockford sock monkey statues or puppets smell, but you could definitely make a sock monkey candle with a nice clean clothes scent.

What else should be on the list? Comment below.