Because you really miss college that much.

Oh, college. When your biggest responsibility was making sure you showed up for your mid-term.

Sure, everyone's college experiences are different. I'm pretty certain mine was a lot more boring than most people, but even with my TV line-up acting as the base of my social life I went to a few frat parties.

They smelled terrible.

Which is why I wonder why anyone would want to buy a candle that smells like a frat party, but there must be, because they're available to purchase. Jungle juice and sweaty boy anyone? Gross.

Flick candles, the company that created the Frat House Basement Party scent, has a few other hilarious candles from you to choose from including: Dentist Office Waiting Room, Fantasy Football Failure, Defriend, and Freshman 15 Pound Cake.

There are a bunch more, and at first I thought they were dumb, but now I kind of want to buy them for people for Christmas.

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