A lot of businesses are adjusting the way they operate so that they can still function during the pandemic. From gardening centers to golf courses, things are opening, just with new restrictions.  And Uber is one of those companies.

Uber plans to require drivers and riders to wear face masks or face coverings when using the platform in certain countries, including the United States.

How will this be enforced? WGN details -

As part of the policy, Uber is in the process of developing technology todetect if drivers are wearing masks or face coverings before they go online and start accepting trips, said the person, who spoke on the condition of anonymity because the policy decision was just made recently and has not yet been introduced. The company already has face verification capabilities as part of its “Real Time ID-check” feature used to verify the identity of drivers. Uber is also looking into ways to hold riders accountable, the person said.

In the US, Uber said it is prioritizing getting masks to active drivers in cities and states that have requested drivers wear face coverings.

So if you have to leave your house and you have to use Uber, do so safely.

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