That's right, your Friday nights with your dog just got a lot more lit.  Are you just like me who spends Friday at home with my dog?  Ok.  Well, maybe your real life parties with dogs got better.  But either way, Bowser Beer For Dogs exists and your dog deserves to crack open a cold one with the rest of us every now and then.  Not only does it exist, but it also comes in three hilariously named flavors.

  1. Cock-a-poodle-brew (chicken flavored)
  2. Porky-pug-porter (pork)
  3. Beefy-brown-ale (beef)

This could just be me, but my dog is ALWAYS licking beer bottles/cans.  Probably because of the condensation, but I think she wants to party with the 21+ crowd sometimes.  And now, she can finally join the party as long as you're willing to drive to Crystal Lake's Bentley's Pet Stuff, which is the nearest store you can buy this canine delight.

Straight from the bottle, in their bowl, or poured over their food, Bowser Beer's website says they'll love it served anyway.  But, obviously, as long as it's chilled, because even dogs don't deserve warm beer.  I probably should've started with the fact that it's non-alcoholic but if you got this far thinking I would serve a dog real alcohol please know I WOULD NEVER.  The beer is made of natural ingredients and you can get all the details on their website.

I can't wait for Friday.

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