Tim Damm, the man arrested for vandalizing Winnebago GOP headquarters, has now been arrested again. See the new charges and aid in his defense.

There are some new charges for Tim Damm, in addition to the felony defacement of property charges, according to rockrivertimes.com. Damm was arrested Monday and posted a bond in the amount of $2,590 and was released from the Winnebago County Jail on Tuesday. He was arrested again on Friday for battery and resisting a peace officer. While it's not known what led up to these new charges, his new bond is set at $1500. Also, at present, he is not in custody.

Tim Damm is being represented by Aaron Buscemi of DeRango & Cain. R. A Go Fund Me campaign has been set up to help with his legal defense. As of this writing, the total is $655. Damm is due back in court on October 11.

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