Over the weekend I was out grocery shopping at Trader Joes with my boyfriend. We live out in West Dundee so we're close to a TJ's. And I stumbled across the most amazing thing ever. I got so excited I audibly gasped in the isle. Check it out -

OBVIOUSLY I grabbed one for my dog Nelly. I know that wine advent calendars are like, the greatest thing since sliced bread, but your pet deserves some advent fun too.

I know there isn't a Trader Joe's in Rockford, but there's plenty of options online to order a calendar for your dog or cat.

There's this one from Chewy.com -

Credit Chewy.com

This one from Petsmart -

Credit Petsmart

This cat one from Amazon -

Credit Amazon

This one from Petco -


Like I said, Amazon has a ton of options. So whether you're looking for your dog or cat, there's plenty of choices for your furry friend.

My dog Nelly is so excited she already slammed her nose into the 15th. But she has to wait just like every one else does.

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