Or you're going to love it, it depends on what kind of Facebook-er you are.

I love to plan things. I would fill my entire calendar with events if it was possible, but some of my friends suck at responding.

Sorry, I still love you, but you suck.

We live in a world of "maybe... if nothing better comes around," which leads to a lot of non-committal people, especially in the social media world.

Facebook events are a perfect example of this. How many times do you just hit, "maybe" on a Facebook invite because you don't want to commit to saying, "yes."

Well, you won't be able to hit maybe anymore. They're taking it away. It is being replaced though, with the button that says, "interested."

When you click on interested, you will continue to get updates on the event and still be able to decide whether if you're going or not at a later time.

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