Even though it's the beginning of November, if you didn't know any better, you might think it's late December. From commercials, to retail giants, to menus at your favorite restaurants, it looks like Christmas time.

So we really have no choice but to indulge in celebrating the holidays early. My favorite way to get in the spirit is with food. Portillo's just announced that one of their holiday classics is back on the menu for the season.

Drum roll please ...

YUM! I always order the Cake Shake when I go to Portillo's, so seeing this new shake option for the season makes me super excited. Like the post from Portillo's said, it's not just one flavor, they've got three flavor options.

  1. Vanilla with crushed candy cane
  2. Chocolate with crushed candy cane
  3. Cake Shake with crushed candy cane

One comment on the post said, "Shut the front door, I'm in!". Me too girl, me too.

If you see me in the Portillo's drive-thru ordering one of these, don't be surprised. You can grab one for yourself at the Portillo's in Rockford which is located at 6090 E. State Street.

While we're talking Portillo's deliciousness, please try this idea next time you're there -


Happy Holiday eating!

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