The internet when crazy last year when this photoshopped image started spreading like wildfire -

It was obviously fake, but it got people craving pumpkin flavored seltzer. And this year we can actually get our hands on some. It's not from White Claw, but rather a different hard seltzer company VIVE.

Delish details -

The new beverage promises to deliver "an aroma and taste known to the pumpkin spice lover," which will keep you "coming back for more. " Like White Claw, the 10-oz. cans have a five percent ABV. You can snag a six-pack starting next month for the suggested retail price of $9.99.

So where and when can you get these? Well, there's some bad news, but also some good news. Let's start with the bad, at launch, you'll only be able to snag a six-pack of these beauties on store shelves at Krogers in Kentucky, Ohio, and Tennessee. BUT I think these things are going to be VERY popular.

The good news is I think once they gain some popularity they'll make their way onto shelves in the Midwest.

I'm not a huge pumpkin lover, but I'm obviously curious what these taste like. Hard seltzers are very Summer-y in my eyes. So having a hard seltzer that tastes like Fall sounds interesting.

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