You did not know these ten fun facts about Wisconsin.

Wisconsin Is A Unique Place

Throughout my life, I have traveled all over the United States. Every state is a unique place to visit but Wisconsin takes it to a new level. You can not mistake it for anywhere else. The residents do things and live life in their own special way. Do not get me wrong, there is nothing bad about it. I would just say it is just a little bit unusual. Do not worry, I have proof.


10 Fun Facts You Did Not Know About Wisconsin

According to,

  • Each year 21 million gallons of ice cream are consumed.
  • "Toilet Paper Capital" of the world is Green Bay.
  • Delavan hosted the first circus in the United States.
  • The bratwurst capital of the world is Sheboygan.
  • Wisconsin is home to 800,000 deer
  • Most shoreline in the United States is located in Door County (250 miles).
  • Leading Ginseng maker in the United States is Wisconsin.
  • First Ice Cream Sundae was created in Two Rivers, Wisconsin (1881).
  • State with the most ghosts per square mile in the United States.
  • Sweet Corn Festival In Sun Prairie, Wisconsin is the largest in the United States.

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