Have you ever had a conversation with someone at a bar in your hometown and the second you mention you've been to Chicago, have plans to visit Chicago or just love the city of Chicago, they immediately ask if you've been to so and so?  Like, "Oh my gosh, have you been to the Library?" And you're like, "uh, the place where they have books and stuff?" They kind of give you a blank stare, like "are you kidding?"  That's when you know that you're technically still at tourist status whenever you visit the Windy City- when you don't know what the secret bars are.

Yes, The Library, which can actually be found at Gilt's Bar (that's their front), is just one of many secret bars that Chicagoans like to slip away to and sip on their favorite libations in secrecy.

Here are nine other secret bars in Chicago along with the key to get in:

If none of these tickle your fancy, you can find eight more secret speakeasies in Chicago here.




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