In case you missed him, and you probably did because he's just that fast, Jamaican sprinter Usain Bolt, just ran 100 meters in the Rio Olympics in 9.81 seconds. He was so fast that he had time to throw a smile at the cameras as his competition was trailing behind him. Surely, you've seen the photo; it's hysterical. What's even more hysterical is that, according to USA Today, the 100 isn't even his best event, it's the 200; which he runs today.

Unfortunately I'm going to miss it, again, not because Usain's just that fast, but because I don't have TV service. Instead, because I'm feeling inspired by the fastest man in the world,  I'm going to be working on all of these everyday things that I can barely do in 10 seconds.

What everyday things can you barely do in 10 seconds or less? Or here's a better question, what can you do in under 10 seconds?