The only time I ever had the opportunity to go scuba diving, I was so scared I literally was given a boogie board with a small circular window so I could look down. Needless to say, scuba diving isn't my jam.

But for Bill Lambert, it's a huge passion. Loves Park native Bill Lambert broke an incredible world record. After turning 100 years old on Monday, which is amazing in itself, Bill decided to break a record. What was that record?

Bill suited up a couple days after he turned 100, and went for a 27-minute scuba dive in South Beloit's Pearl Lake. WTVO details -

Some of Lambert’s friends from Loves Park Scuba were there to escort Lambert on his dive and make sure everything went smoothly. At 12:36 p.m. Lambert went under the water. More than 27 minutes later he resurfaced…another world record accomplished!


I am beyond impressed. Here's what Lambert said when he was asked about the dive afterwards -

I feel tired but good. That’s not just plain compressed air (in the tank). You’ve got extra oxygen in there. With the extra oxygen you feel good, but tired ha-ah.

But my favorite response is when Lambert was asked, "What's Next?"

Make it to 101 ha-ha-ha.

If you needed any inspiration to be awesome today, I hope Lambert helped you out!

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