Every Thursday morning young Sofia shares her unique wisdom on The Steve Shannon Show during a segment called, 'Sofia Says.'

It's been such a joy having this young lady on our show every Thursday. Being a father of a young lady the same age, and in the same school district, it's makes my heart feel amazing that my daughter will grow up around some whose parent instill the same values. We have an amazing responsibility to teach our children to love and respect each other and teach them how to spend their time lifting their peers up and not to push them down.

Bullying is a different animal than it was when many of us were younger. It used to be that once the school day was over, the noise from a bully would end. That is not the case now. With social media, bullying is a 24/7 beast now. Spreading hate-filled gossip can turn into a wildfire in minutes.

I encourage you to spend four minutes listening to what Sofia had to say about bullying and gossip on this particular Thursday.




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