The family was asleep when an SUV crashed through their living room early Saturday morning. The crash resulted in a fire that destroyed everything.

Rockford Family Loses Everything in Home Fire on Central Avenue

Just after 1:00 a.m. Saturday, an SUV crashed into a home in the 700 block of N. Central Avenue in Rockford. The initial report to  Rockford Police and Fire Departments was a two-car crash but as first responders arrived, they found one of the cars involved in the crash had crashed into a house and was on fire. That fire then spread to the house, according to

As first responders got to the scene, they found one of the cars involved in the crash that crashed into a house and was on fire. The fire then spread to the house.

This morning, I had the chance to briefly speak with Kaycee, whose family lived in the home. She shared how very few belongings were salvageable after the fire was extinguished. She also shared that this Thursday, September 1, is her son Dylan's birthday. Dylan lost all of his things in the fire and she said all he had left were the clothes he was wearing.

There is a Go Fund Me account set up for the family. Also, we are working on putting together some special surprises for Dylan's 19th birthday. Be sure to listen to The Steve Shannon Show between 8-8:30 am this week, for updates.

If you would like to be a part of helping Kaycee, Dylan, and their family, please send me a message using the 97ZOK app. If you don't have the app on your phone yet, you can download it for free by clicking the link below.

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